Monday, January 4, 2010

Renovation- Day 10

January 04, 2010

How is it that something that hasn't yet lasted 2 weeks can feel like an eternity? I get this way when my kiddos are sick, or any other major stressor comes along. My house is a total wreck, and I feel like I'm living in a disaster zone! Matthew is back to work now, albeit shorter days- but I know that the progress will be much slower now.

What used to be my living room and kitchen!


Anyway, enough of the woe-is-me talk and on the good stuff. The bathroom really is coming along nicely. We've hit a few speedbumps, one of which has resulted in me no longer having a working stove, another being that I thought that I was going to be arrested in Menards for shoplifting! *rolls eyes* That's a story for another day! Things are going back IN to the bathroom rather than out- so that's a good sign! Another big step is that drywall started going up today! YAY! Matthew had to insulate the entire room before he could start drywalling because there was absolutely NO insulation in ANY of the walls! Nice. I even helped hang the drywall tonight- I used a drill and everything. I'm totally a handywoman extraordinaire! ;) I can say that because we all know that Matthew has all of the talent in this area. He could probably teach Reggie to hang drywall! If not Reggie, then definitely Owen! :)

(My competency level for this kind of thing is somewhere between Reggie and Owen)

The drywalling has come to a screeching halt for the evening because apparently the wiring to my stove has to be replaced before he can put up the final piece of drywall.

Three of the four outlets in the new bathroom!

(One will be inside the vanity for my flat iron and blow dryer)

In exciting news from my end, I have finished painting all of the furniture, trim, and molding that will be going into the room. Matthew tells me that I will be able to paint the actual room in the next few days. Woo Hoo!! My other big news is that I picked out towels, a rug and shower curtain(s)! I LOVE them!! My bathroom is going to be sooo pretty when I am done. Matthew has given my creative spirit free rein to decorate this room, and I can't wait to make it EXACTLY what I've always wanted! I already have big plans for the different "looks" that I'll create using different colored accessories!

Well, that's about it for my update tonight. I'll leave you with two recent pictures- Just for fun!

...Because who doesn't like looking at pictures of a dog sitting on a grill?

It was apparently too cold for him to wait for us to let him in sitting on the concrete. He took matters into his own paws and sat on the grill instead.

Aaaaaand here's Eli thinking he's big stuff sitting at his brother's table!

What a cute little stinker!


  1. My favorite parts of this blog:
    -Owen helping dad measure
    -You putting up drywall!
    -the dog put matters into his own PAWS BAHAHA I still can't quit laughing about that
    -Eli being just so darn cute!

    also I am interested about the shoplifting story.. could that day, of telling the story, come sooner rather than later?!?! =)

  2. First of all, if you didn't try to steal from Menards, then the nice people who work there wouldn't try to arrest you.
    Second, your dog is clearly an alien! There is no other explanation.
    Third, Handy Owie is probably the cutest thing ever.
    Fourth, you have to have more dry wall hanging cred than've got skills! Napoleon Dyanmite esque skills!

  3. Sara, for your birthday I'm going to build you a cake or somesing... ;)