Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to School!

August 11, 2010- Owen's first day of School He is in PreK this year, and he is absolutely LOVING it. His teachers are wonderful, the expectations are age and developmentally appropriate, and although the curriculum is very academic, it is 100% fun. These two teachers are magic in my opinion and have the knack that it takes to balance fun and learning for this age level.

He was excited to see his friends from last year, and even more excited that T is in his class this year. They go five days a week, half days- so it makes for a busy schedule, but it's so worth it to see him happy and thriving in school.

Sorry this one is so foggy. There was a 1,000,000% humidity that day, so my camera immediately fogged up when I tried to take pictures.

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Fun at the Fair

Two trips to the State Fair this year = 2x the fun. My mom and I have taken the boys to the fair for the last few years right before school starts. It's always a lot of fun, but this year was one of the best years yet. It was pretty hot, so it wasn't crowded at all, and it just seemed as though everything was going our way.

The boys pretended to be farmers, sat on four wheelers, sat on tractors, fed goats, and Owen even rode an elephant.
According to the KISS fans riding the elephant with Owen, "Who needs a Harley? If you want to feel power between your legs, ride an elephant." Well said, KISS fans, well said.

The next weekend, Matthew and I were trying to figure out what we wanted to do, and he decided that he had fair envy and wanted to visit the state fair this year too. We did the abbreviated version of the fair, but we did go gawk at Fried Food Row and judge the people eating deep fried butter and chocolate covered bacon. The boys also sat in the biggest tire in the world. (Okay, probably not- but seriously, that thing is mammoth!)
Then we came home and a couple of boys called it a night in a tent. :)

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Row, row, row your boat

Q: Who would take two toddlers out on a river for a 6 mile canoe trip?

A: Us.

We did indeed. A couple of weeks ago, we drove up to sugar creek and went on a 1/2 day canoe trip. It started out a little rough because we forced Eli to wear his life jacket. He was totally unimpressed with not being able to sit down without a life vest squeezing up around his neck and face. I guess that I can't really blame him. We finally gave in and let him wear his water wings since the waters of sugar creek are anything but raging. After that, both boys were happy as can be.
We were pleased to learn that we're a family with excellent "river legs". As other people floundered around, sideways, backwards, and upside down, we paddled right on down the river. Even with two toddlers walking around the whole time, we never came close to tipping.

The boys even took their turns at paddling.

We did get back before dark, but it's good to know that had we not, there was a full moon to light up the night sky.

The boys' favorite parts of the trip were when we let them get out and walk around in the river. It's so calm and shallow that it's an excellent place for them to play.

We had an awesome time and actually want to buy a canoe... Renting canoes is for the birds!

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Back Again

Well just when I thought that I was up and running again, something else goes wrong. Last week (or the week before?) my computer came down with a nasty virus. Ironically, the week before that, my neighbors computer had caught a virus, and he had it fixed by a "Guy". I got the Guy's contact info, and he agreed to fix my computer in exchange for a case of beer. :) I bought him beer, he fixed my computer=I'm back in business again. :)

I'm totally thankful that people like that are in the world. He did a great job, and my computer is running better than ever thanks to his fixes and updates.

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