Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday Party

Saturday we celebrated Eli's 2nd birthday penguin style. There was family, there were friends, and there was even an adorable, baby penguin to complete the day!

We had beautiful weather, so Matthew and I played "Grill Masters" and barbequed ribs for the clan.

Unfortunately, Owen came down with a fever shortly into the party, so this is one of the only pictures that I have with both boys from the day. It sure is a cute one though!

I don't really think that Eli minded his brother's absense too terribly much. He got his own special day where everyone doted on him.

I made Eli penguin cakes since penguins are his favorite.
He wasn't too sure that he actually wanted to eat a penguin.
A taste of buttercream solved that problem though...
Turns out though, that eating black buttercream gives you a rockin', necrotic tongue.
Everyone was sportin' them!
Eli even busted out his boots for the occasion. How can you resist a cute boy in cowboy boots?
I know I can't!

You know that it's an important event when the Todderazzi is there to capture the memories!
And then there were presents. Lots of presents. However, I don't think that there are any pictures of presents because Eli's favorite thing that he received was a Toy Story birthday card that sang, "Woody's Roundup", when you opened it. There are pictures of the card for sure!
This little boy had a hitch in his giddy-up for three days after his party because of the walk/dance he does whenever the card sings to him!
It was a pretty great party, and as always, I was so thankful for our wonderful family and friends. We are blessed!

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Dear Baby

Dear Eli,

My precious, precious boy. I can't even begin to tell you what a joy you have been in our lives these past two years. You have brought a fullness to our lives, and filled a space that we didn't know was empty. Every day is special with you. Because of you.

You are such a funny little boy. You make the best faces, and you can always make me smile. You can light up a room with your silly ways. You still have very few actual words, but you are incredibly communicative. I rarely have trouble figuring out what it is that you want. :)

My absolute favorite thing about you is your sweet, loving nature. You love to snuggle, read books, and get belly rubs. When I ask you if you're "Mommy's baby", you give an emphatic head nod to assure me that you are.

You bring the sunshine into our world.

We love you.

Happy Birthday!