Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Belated Halloween Party Photos

On the day of Owen's Halloween party at school, I rushed out the door and left my camera at home! I was suuuuuper bummed because the kiddos were all so cute. The good news is that one of the other moms took a ton of photos to share with everyone. So I have a few adorable photos to share now! (Be sure to look for "Annie". She's Owen's *favorite* girl!)

Owen's Preschool Class at St. Susanna
Halloween 2009

Owen went as a monkey. He couldn't be a carrot without peas!

One of the special activities that the teachers had planned was "Mr. Spider's House" The kids all took turns going up to the house and ringing the *real* doorbell. Then Mr. Spider opened the door and gave each child a treat. It was super cute, and the kids all really enjoyed it!

Chickens lay WHAT?

My eldest child is certainly been good inspiration lately. He's cracking us up!

Last night a few hours after putting Owen to bed, he woke up crying. Scratch that. He was sobbing. I ran in there and tried to console him. He had his pajamas unzipped and was trying to get them off. He also continued to sob so hard that I couldn't even calm him down enough to understand what had upset him so badly. I finally had to take him out of the room because he had woken Eli, and now Eli was sobbing too.

Once I got him out of the room and gave him some time to calm down, I was able to ask him what was wrong. Turns out he had a nightmare. I asked him what it was about and he finally, in choppy little gasps, told me that he dreamed that he got soap on his pajamas.

Yes, that's right- SOAP ON HIS PAJAMAS!

I would have loved to have been able to see into his mind to figure out what made soap on the pajamas so scary...

THEN- this morning. I fed Owen and Taryn breakfast and I decided that while they were eating I would go take care of the neighbor's dog, and let the chickens out of the barn. My neighbor had called me last night and told me that she had bananas on her counter and that she wanted me to take them home so that they didn't go bad before she returned. So I took care of the dog, went in to retrieve the bananas, went to let the chickens out and returned to the house.
Owen and Taryn were watching by the door, and saw me come out of the barn. They were SO excited when I got back up to the house, and Owen was shrieking, "My chickens layed bananas! My chickens layed bananas!"

I was laughing so hard I couldn't hardly breathe!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seriously, Oh Owen!

Last night, Matthew and I were scouring the house looking for our camera. It had been missing all evening and we couldn't find it anywhere. I remembered that I had it out on the back porch over the weekend so that I could show my neighbor some pictures- and then I began to worry that it was still out there.

I went outside and looked all around, but I didn't see it. I finally decided to check with Owen and see if he knew anything about it. We had just put him to bed, but he was still awake. I opened his door and said, "Owen, have you seen Mommy and Daddy's camera?"
"Yes." He replies.
"Where did you see it?" I ask
"ummmm, I don't remember." He tells me
"Owen, did you have it outside?" I ask
"Yes! I did have it outside!" He replies enthusiastically.
"Did you have it outside when Jodi was here?" I prod, trying to remember a time when he might have snagged it.
"No, it was before that." He answers "Maybe we can look for it later."
"No Owen. Mommy and Dadd need to know where it is now." I tell him.
"We'll talk later Mommy." He tells me and then rolls over in his bed.

I had to walk away. Matthew and I were both about to die laughing and we clearly couldn't let him see that. It was totally an unacceptable response, but yet so funny. That kid is SUCH a stinker.

The good news is that I found the camera later that night. It was in my purse all along! So he never had it outside, and he knew that he'd never had it outside. He did want the upper hand though!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another favorite

If you have never looked at this website, you need to. Pronto. Don't do it if you don't have lots of time on your hands though. It's incredibly addictive.

Some of the best laughs I get come from this website!

One of my very favorite CakeWrecks!!

A few of my favorite deals!

Okay so you all know that I LOVE a great deal!! I am frugalista extradonaire these days!! Well there have been some super exciting deals these past few days, some of which I didn't get to take advantage of- but they're exciting nonetheless!

1. I missed this one, but I want to tell you about it just to illustrate what is possible! Last week, there was a deal that involved using and Basically, after the coupon codes and cashback, you scored 40 photo stamps for $15.67. That's right folks- 40 PHOTO stamps at $0.40 a piece!! "But aren't REGULAR stamps $0.44/piece now???" You ask. Why yes they are! (I googled this to be sure... I tend to have no idea how much a regular stamp costs because of my infrequent use of the things.)

Like I said, I missed out on this, but what an awesome deal! I always get excited when I find out that I can save money on something that I woulc have NEVER believed I could save money on!

2. This is photo site powered by fujifilm. They have LOTS of exciting deals going on right now. You can get 50 free holiday photo cards using the code, "newbaby"- this also includes free shipping!! You can also get 100 free prints just for signing up for their website- you do have to pay for shipping; But, wow! 100 free prints is great!

3. This is another one I won't be taking advantage of, but that I want to share. Amazon has a promotion when you spend $80 on Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360 games, you will receive $20 off at checkout with code BUY80G20. This is a stellar deal if you're planning on buying some video games for anyone on your list this year.

4. is offering a promotion where if you enter 10 gift reminders into their reminder program, they will give you 400 points. 400 points translates into $40 that you can use to send flowers to someone for CHEAP! What a nice gift to be able to surprise someone with!

Well those are a few of my current favorites. Anyone else have any deals that they'd like to share??

Also- does anyone have any blog suggestions for me. I'm not feeling very inspired at the moment. I'd be happy to take requests!