Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Belated Halloween Party Photos

On the day of Owen's Halloween party at school, I rushed out the door and left my camera at home! I was suuuuuper bummed because the kiddos were all so cute. The good news is that one of the other moms took a ton of photos to share with everyone. So I have a few adorable photos to share now! (Be sure to look for "Annie". She's Owen's *favorite* girl!)

Owen's Preschool Class at St. Susanna
Halloween 2009

Owen went as a monkey. He couldn't be a carrot without peas!

One of the special activities that the teachers had planned was "Mr. Spider's House" The kids all took turns going up to the house and ringing the *real* doorbell. Then Mr. Spider opened the door and gave each child a treat. It was super cute, and the kids all really enjoyed it!

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