Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chickens lay WHAT?

My eldest child is certainly been good inspiration lately. He's cracking us up!

Last night a few hours after putting Owen to bed, he woke up crying. Scratch that. He was sobbing. I ran in there and tried to console him. He had his pajamas unzipped and was trying to get them off. He also continued to sob so hard that I couldn't even calm him down enough to understand what had upset him so badly. I finally had to take him out of the room because he had woken Eli, and now Eli was sobbing too.

Once I got him out of the room and gave him some time to calm down, I was able to ask him what was wrong. Turns out he had a nightmare. I asked him what it was about and he finally, in choppy little gasps, told me that he dreamed that he got soap on his pajamas.

Yes, that's right- SOAP ON HIS PAJAMAS!

I would have loved to have been able to see into his mind to figure out what made soap on the pajamas so scary...

THEN- this morning. I fed Owen and Taryn breakfast and I decided that while they were eating I would go take care of the neighbor's dog, and let the chickens out of the barn. My neighbor had called me last night and told me that she had bananas on her counter and that she wanted me to take them home so that they didn't go bad before she returned. So I took care of the dog, went in to retrieve the bananas, went to let the chickens out and returned to the house.
Owen and Taryn were watching by the door, and saw me come out of the barn. They were SO excited when I got back up to the house, and Owen was shrieking, "My chickens layed bananas! My chickens layed bananas!"

I was laughing so hard I couldn't hardly breathe!


  1. BAHAHAHAHA I can't quite laughing!!! Can I have Owen for like a month so I can have this entertainment live?!?! That boy is hysterical.

  2. What you REALLY want are banana-laying chickens!!