Friday, May 27, 2011


Guess what!

We are FINALLY a diaper free home (during the day)  Our little man decided that it was high time to stop crapping in his pants, and we couldn't be happier.  

It's kind of funny because we'd allowed the potty training process to become a power struggle, and honestly what a stupid thing to have a power struggle over.  I mean, who's going to win that one? The one with the actual control over his bodily functions, or ones trying to bribe, bully, plead, and coerce?   Lesson learned- you're not going to win a power struggle with a two-year-old over anything potty training.

Let's just say that we didn't win the struggle.  We did however accept defeat, and stopped worrying about it all together.  We changed his diaper in the morning without a single word about using the potty.  We cleaned up foul messes without complaining. We just dropped the subject all together.

Three days later, he got up, took off his diaper, brought us a pair of roos to put on him- and he's been using the potty every since.  He did it. On his own terms.  He won.

(Don't tell him, but I kinda feel like a winner too!)

Here are a few pictures from our Big Boy celebration at Chuck E. Cheese.

(Who looks like the bigger kid in this picture?)


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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Is that a real word?  If not, it should be.  And once you read this post, I'm sure you'll agree.
Because by definition, Inappropriocity is being naked in inappropriate places.

Gather round folks, and I'll tell you the story of the time that I durn near died of embarrassment.  I do believe that this one even tops the tow truck incident .

 Last Friday, we kind of had a lot going on.  Dr. appointment in the morning, Owen's class picnic at Hummel Park, and a Mommy/Daddy/Eli date to celebrate his big accomplishment (more on that later).  Well, when Matt and I got home from the dr.'s office, we had to quickly get the boys dressed and ready to go to the picnic.   We sent Owen to his room to get himself dressed, (like he does everyday!) Matt threw some clothes on Eli, I packed the lunches, and we were out the door in a few minutes. 

We got to the park, played, ate lunch, played some more.  Everything was going wonderfully, that is until the elastic that adjusts the size of Owen's shorts, (and therefore holds them up around his skinny butt), ripped.  The kid was running along, and then all of the sudden his shorts were around his ankles.  And guess what, in the getting ready rush, he hadn't put on his under roos.  You know what isn't the best time to find out that your kid didn't put on under roos that morning? If you answered, "In the middle of the class picnic, in front of God and everyone." You would be correct.

And to top it all off, instead of being totally embarrassed, he shrieked with laughter, and just kept running- until his mortified mother spear tackled his naked butt to the ground to try to rectify this catastrophic wardrobe malfunction.   

I. Wanted. To. Die.  A thousand deaths.   If I could have willed the earth to just swallow me up, I would have done it.  I don't embarrass easily, but this was almost the end of me.  

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One Year Later

May 17, 2010
Nolan is born!  
Can you even believe how adorable this little guy was right out of the oven?  Ahh, I just love him. 
 May 14, 2011
Nolan's first birthday party. 
I honestly can't believe that it's already been a year. 
 Nolan, it has been so fun to watch you grow and change this year.  You are about the cutest, funniest, little guy ever.  You're a joy to have around, and we're so thankful for your sweet little self. 
Happy Birthday!

He was cracking me up with the big cheesy grin every time he saw the orange light from my camera.
Exhibit A
  After taking a tumble, he was very sad with a very big pout. He was so sad in fact that he managed to skunk his mama into taking a pouty face picture with him.  Too bad he looks anything but sad in this pic :)

And of course the four boys together.  Eli was psyched to be there.
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