Friday, May 27, 2011


Guess what!

We are FINALLY a diaper free home (during the day)  Our little man decided that it was high time to stop crapping in his pants, and we couldn't be happier.  

It's kind of funny because we'd allowed the potty training process to become a power struggle, and honestly what a stupid thing to have a power struggle over.  I mean, who's going to win that one? The one with the actual control over his bodily functions, or ones trying to bribe, bully, plead, and coerce?   Lesson learned- you're not going to win a power struggle with a two-year-old over anything potty training.

Let's just say that we didn't win the struggle.  We did however accept defeat, and stopped worrying about it all together.  We changed his diaper in the morning without a single word about using the potty.  We cleaned up foul messes without complaining. We just dropped the subject all together.

Three days later, he got up, took off his diaper, brought us a pair of roos to put on him- and he's been using the potty every since.  He did it. On his own terms.  He won.

(Don't tell him, but I kinda feel like a winner too!)

Here are a few pictures from our Big Boy celebration at Chuck E. Cheese.

(Who looks like the bigger kid in this picture?)


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  1. Way to go Eli!!! Sooooo jealous! I've definitely been losing the struggle with Austin.:(