Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bounce Baby Bounce

A while back, Owen decided that he'd really like to have a trampoline. He mentioned it a few times in passing, and then it became more a focused subject to him. We told him that if he worked hard and saved his money that he'd be able to buy one. (I promised him that I would match his savings- since I also wanted a trampoline.) One of my proudest moments while he was saving was when he looked at my mom who had suggested that we buy him the trampoline, and told her that he was buying it with his money. I reminded him that he didn't have enough to make the purchase yet, and he simply replied, "I'll just have keep working until I earn enough." Seriously, I know an awful lot of adults who can't understand that concept. Last weekend, after many weeks of hard work, he hit the magic number, and we were off to Wal-Mart to make the purchase.

He carried his little, "spend" box into the store so proudly and helped the cashier count out every last penny. (A big thanks to the patient cashier who didn't get frustrated by a four year old with a box full of small bills and coins.)

We got it home, and within a couple of hours- we were in business! Let me tell you, I'm loving this thing, because on the days when he's spent several hours bouncing, he goes right to sleep! Plus, it's a lot of fun!

And in typical Owen fashion, he wants to make sure that he keeps that trampoline clean. After learning the hard way that sandboxes and trampolines are not a good match, he was right out there getting it swept off.

He cracks me up.

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