Thursday, June 2, 2011


You know how kids go through the "No!" phase, and the "Why?" phase, (sometimes simultaneously??) Well, we're in a new phase with Owen and it's called the "Riddle" phase.   It works like this, Owen gives us a string of clues related to some random memory that he's thinking of and we have to try to guess what it is.  He is very detailed with his clues, so usually after wracking our brains, we can figure it out. 

For example, one night we were eating dinner and Owen says, "I wish that I could see that nice girl again." 
"Which nice girl are we talking about, buddy?" We asked.
"The one at the church with the birthdays." He tells us, "She sounds like lasagna." 


This time it took both of us to figure it out.  Matthew finally figured out that the "church with the birthdays", is Winchester Congregational Christian- you know, the one where we hosted Great Grandpa Norbert's 90th BIRTHDAY, as well as other family events.  From there, I figured out the "nice girl that sounds like lasagna." is actually my cousin, Vanessa. (And she is indeed VERY nice!)  

Clear as mud, right?

Sometimes, we have a harder time. Currently, we have an unsolved riddle to which we have clues such as,
-People dressed up like sandwiches
-The guys that came out of the little doors
-Something that makes everything green
-It's a Jesus day

We have no clue.

It's clear that he makes his connections in atypical ways.

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