Monday, September 26, 2011

Me Mad For You

My Eli is becoming such a funny little person.  His words and expressions have just been cracking us up lately.  I decided that it was high time that I recorded some of these so that we'll remember them.

-Me mad for you: means- I'm mad AT you.  He accompanies this phrase with a mean little glare.  Lately, he's mad for us frequently.  I can't help but giggle when he says this one. 

The kid is still obsessed with being rubbed, and if I won't rub him, he'll rub me instead.  One evening I was done with rubbing antics, (my arm was getting raw) and asked him to stop.   He replied with, "Me bub you all night. Me bub you all day."  He accompanied that with the " Me Mad For You" mean glare.  How do you respond to that?

His guys-  If you know Eli, you know that he has lovies.  For whatever reason, he calls his lovies, "guys".  Since there are two of them, it only makes sense that they each have their own name, "Uh-huh guy" and "Mo Guy".  "Mo" guy means "more" guy.  "Uh huh" guy means "other" guy...  Hmm- I wonder who the original guy is.

His names for people are also pretty great.  Some of my favorites are, Sara, Allie,  Taryn & Quinn, and Grandpa.  
Sara is just beginning to sound more like Sara, (sad) but for months now he's called her, "Deya" (think Day-ya).   Deya is an improvement from when he called her, "Dehdeh"- which sounded an awful lot like, Dada.  It made for some interesting looks from strangers when she and I were out with the kids together. 
Allie is "Owie" (like when you have a boo boo).  It's adorable to hear him talk to her.
Taryn (who happens to be one of his favorite people) is Dehden.  Quinn is Ken. 
And the all time best name is Grandpa's or "Manpa"  how great is that?  Everyone gets a kick out of hearing him call for "Manpa".  It's pretty much the cutest/funniest thing ever.

One last story (for now).  Recently we went to dinner at the Japanese steakhouse and both boys were begging the chef to make fires.  Right as the hibachi was blazing up, Eli yelled, "OPA!" at the top of his lungs.  Matt and I about lost it right then and there.  The kid knows no cultural bounds when it comes to fire, and if it's good for the saganaki, it's good for the hibachi shrimp!   The rest of the evening, any time he saw a fire, he yelled, "OPA!".

Good Lord, I love this kid!