Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stuff I want to remember

These boys. Lately, they've been cracking me up. They're growing up so quickly, it just doesn't seem fair. I have a bunch of silly stories, quotes, and quirks from the past month or so that I want to remember so I am just going to write them out here- stream of consciousness style.

1. Until the past couple of weeks, Eli referred to Matthew as "Map" He would walk around the house calling for him, " Map! Map! Map? Map!" No matter how many times Matthew requested that Eli call him Daddy, it remained, "Map". This video was shot on one of the last days that Eli still said, "Map". Now, he says, "Daddy" It makes me a little sad, I really kind of liked, "Map". :)
(I'll add this video soon!)

2. Owen has had some funny sentiments lately, including: "My pizza is too pointy", and "Falling out chairs: A problem." We decided that the latter statement is possibly his thesis statement.

3. I metioned this in another post, but Eli currently "marches" everywhere he goes. It's the funniest thing- I need to get it on video!

4. Eli LOVES wearing Owen's super hero cape. He always runs when he wears it, usually looking behind him so that he can see the cape fly out behind him. The first time that Owen let him wear it, Owen was trying to snap it around his neck and all I hear is giggling and Owen saying, "Ewhy, you have a fat neck! You're a fat chunk, Ewhy!" followed by more giggling. Later that night, Eli was trying to wear a paper crown that Owen had made at school that day, and again we hear giggling and, "Ewhy, your fat head is going to break it!". We've not heard any of the "fat" talk since that day, and even though it was mean, we couldn't help but crack up at Owen's commentary of Eli's physique.

5. Owen is finally saying his phone number, birthday, and we're working on memorizing our address. I feel like he's got the short end of the stick when it comes to memorizing our address since most kids around here get to memorize "510 Hawthorne st" and call it a day. They don't have house numbers AND county roads AND multiple cardinal directions to keep straight. (Ehh, I may just be making excuses :)

6. I'm sure that I have some more to add, and I know that I have at least one video to add to this post- but I'm hitting publish for now.

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Happy 90th Birthday, Grandpa!

This January, I had the privilege of planning a super-special event for one of my favorite people in the wide world, my grandpa. My grandpa is such an amazing guy and has done so much for me throughout the course of my life. He and my grandma were always there for me, so it was amazing to be able to give something back to him.

The other great thing about planning this party was that my brother and I worked together to plan it. It's been a couple of years since I've seen him, so it was awesome to be able to plan this with him, and that he and Jane came home for the event. Being able to spend the day before the party hanging out with them, was also a highlight of the weekend. Our boys LOVED their Aunt Jane and Uncle Rob. It was great to see them getting to know each other better!

The day of the party, Rob and Jane, and Matthew and I got everything ready at the hall while Mom and Dad went out to get Grandpa. Since the party was a surprise, I made them go out and keep track of him so that he didn't disappear right before the party. The guests all arrived before the party started, and Mom and Dad got Grandpa to the hall without a hitch. His face when he saw all of the people yelling, "Surprise!" was priceless! Then he realized that Rob and Jane were there, and that's about when I lost it.

Grandpa checking out his cakes and fruit bouquets
Most of our extended family made it out, including a few guests that we hadn't seen in years! It was such a nice turnout, and Grandpa was completely overwhelmed. I'm so thankful for everyone that was able to make it out and make Grandpa's 90th birthday party such a special day!

The family

Rob and I with Grandpa

Grandpa with his siblings and siblings-in-law

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Happy 60th Birthday Grandma Carol

Last month, my wonderful Mother-in-law turned 60. To celebrate, we rented a cabin in Brown County and spent the weekend with the entire family. Unfortunately, on the Friday that we were all supposed to meet- the first of our crazy winter storms hit. I was in an accident that day, and we had to obtain a rental car and deal with insurance issues before we could even head down. Fortunately, we all arrived safely and were able to enjoy the time that we had together.

We had a great time at the water park and we enjoyed a delicious meal at the lodge with the fam. It was so nice that we were all able to be together to celebrate such a special occasion.

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The post where I make excuses

So it's been awhile since I've posted anything. I could tell you that we had a *really* busy January, (we did!) or that sickness has swept through our home on more than one occasion (it has!) But really, when it comes down to it, winter gives me the blues and the blues give me a serious lack of motivation. This past week with its sunshine and 60 degree weather have done me worlds of good though, and I'm starting to feel like I can function again. Please stay with us nicer weather... PLEEEEAASE!

My other problem is that I am beginning to hate Blogger as a platform. I don't want to uproot myself and move, but I really, really hate how slow and tedious Blogger has become. I swear that uploading pictures has become a chore that takes hours to complete. It used to be more user friendly. Can any other Blogger users out there give me any hints to making this a less cumbersome task?

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