Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Memories

On Friday I received the best news from my husband- he didn't have to work Saturday OR Monday! WOO HOO!! It was a super pleasant suprise! We decided that we should take off for the long weekend and go camping. We decided to set up camp at the Gessner lake because, A: The campsite is free. B: There are no strangers camping feet away. C: My wonderful mother-in-law is a camping queen and has tons of gear and things that we don't have to pack. She also got us all kinds of yummy food! D: We get to spend time with family! We had such a fun weekend and we're already getting excited for the 4th of July get together.

We spent a good portion of our time swimming in the lake. The water was wonderfully warm and we had a great time paddling around and cooling off from the sun. Owen started swimming on his own this weekend (in water wings) in water where he can't touch the bottom. Before, he always clung on to someone's neck when he was in deep water. I was super proud of him for taking such a big step. I would bet that he'll be swimming, water-wing-free, before too terribly much longer. It was so cute to watch him paddling around the lake!

We tried fishing a few times, but it was just too hot and the fish weren't really biting. We did catch a few little fish, but they were few and far between. Eli did catch his first fish though (with Mommy's help) and he was pretty proud of that little fishy.

Stephen and Jacki came down and camped with us, so we had a lot of fun swimming, fishing, eating and drinking with them. The boys enjoyed paddle boat and four-wheeler rides with their Uncle Stephen.

We also snuck away on Sunday afternoon and spent a couple of hours with Kelly, Lyle and this adorable little guy! He is suuuuccch a cutie and he has the longest arms and legs you've ever seen on a baby!

This was such a fun and relaxing weekend- and I'm super thankful for our wonderful camping hosts :)
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Graduate (n.)

It's over- and this mama made it through with no tears at all. Thanks to an unorganized someone- I couldn't even see my boy as he stood on the second riser behind two kiddos taller than him- even one riser down, and between two girls who were more than a head taller than him. Also, thanks to the fact that someone thought that it would be a good idea to give the actual diploma to a three year old and then make him go sit on the gym floor for 10 minutes- we have about 39 (pieces of) diploma(s). I left feeling mad and disappointed.

(He's in the second row behind the boy in plaid and the girl in the flowered dress)

But then I got over it. And then we went out for sushi. He didn't get his chocolate fountain, but he did get sushi and LOTS of balloons- so all was right in his world.

Thursday was the end-of-the-year preschool picnic at Hummel Park. We joined all of Owen's friends and teachers for a final farewell before summer. It was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed getting to play together one more time.

After the picnic, the boys and I made our way to the zoo for the member's grand opening of the Cheetah exhibit. Owen participated in the highly anticipated, fairly lame "Race a Cheetah" feature, and we got a glimpse of the beloved cheetahs snoozing in the sun.

It was a great end of the school year and I am excited to spend the long summer days with my sweet boys!

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