Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seriously, Oh Owen!

Last night, Matthew and I were scouring the house looking for our camera. It had been missing all evening and we couldn't find it anywhere. I remembered that I had it out on the back porch over the weekend so that I could show my neighbor some pictures- and then I began to worry that it was still out there.

I went outside and looked all around, but I didn't see it. I finally decided to check with Owen and see if he knew anything about it. We had just put him to bed, but he was still awake. I opened his door and said, "Owen, have you seen Mommy and Daddy's camera?"
"Yes." He replies.
"Where did you see it?" I ask
"ummmm, I don't remember." He tells me
"Owen, did you have it outside?" I ask
"Yes! I did have it outside!" He replies enthusiastically.
"Did you have it outside when Jodi was here?" I prod, trying to remember a time when he might have snagged it.
"No, it was before that." He answers "Maybe we can look for it later."
"No Owen. Mommy and Dadd need to know where it is now." I tell him.
"We'll talk later Mommy." He tells me and then rolls over in his bed.

I had to walk away. Matthew and I were both about to die laughing and we clearly couldn't let him see that. It was totally an unacceptable response, but yet so funny. That kid is SUCH a stinker.

The good news is that I found the camera later that night. It was in my purse all along! So he never had it outside, and he knew that he'd never had it outside. He did want the upper hand though!

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  1. I read this blog and then headed to lunch. I kept cracking up thinking about how is just said, "we'll talk later mom" and rolled over. I wish you could have taped that! HAHAHA