Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Renovation- Day 11

Soo I was really starting to stress out today because more and more things were going wrong. Today's house made yesterday's house look neat and tidy! I watch T & Q on Wednesdays, so I was really starting to feel the pressure of getting things back to some shade of normal before they arrive tomorrow at 5:30 am!

If I was a bird, I'd be plucking my feathers right now.

Matthew had to replace all of the wiring going to both our stove and oven. Apparently a mouse chewed through the casing covering the wires- and we had exposed wires in our wall!!! Fortunately, we discovered/fixed this while the drywall was out, and no major disasters occured as a result of the little prankster! It was a really big job, and he accomplished in only a few hours! I am soo thankful that my husband has so many skills, and that he's a super efficient person, and that he's so cute... oh wait, I'm getting off the subject ;)
So the moral of this story is that, as of the writing of this blog, not much has been accomplished in the bathroom today. (Don't think for a minute that he's giving up yet though!) He did however fix my oven, stove, and he helped me get the house back in order for me to watch the kiddos tomorrow! I'm SUPER thankful to be married to a Gessner when it comes time to clean up!! (and all of the other days too!)
Today we went from this...

Yep that's my oven sitting on saw horses...

And all of my pots and pans in the bathroom vanity that currently resides in my kitchen!

To THIS!!!


I LOVE my husband!!

In other news, today was Owen's first day back to school after the Christmas break. I was worried about it, because I figured that he would have a hard time going back after such a long break, but he did GREAT!! I was so proud of him. He woke up this morning with a good attitude, got out of the Jeep nicely at school, and I received a great report from Mrs. Hughes!! YAY Owen!! I hope that this is a start of him enjoying school more. I have hated that he hasn't been wanting to go.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have great new bathroom pictures to post!! :)

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  1. Yes, if anything, Gessner's are good cleaner-uppers =). ~ Jodi