Thursday, January 7, 2010

Epic Fail

I have been on the search for some fabulous art for bathroom. It needed to have just the right feel. I found some paintings that I *really* liked at Bed, Bath, and Beyond- but in my opinion, they were overpriced for generic art... I sketched out what they looked like with my own flair, and honestly, they weren't half bad. I was kind of proud of myself- because I am usually sooo not artistic.

I took Matthew with me to BBB today to look at the paintings, and he starts telling me how he's sure that I could paint them myself. Still glowing from my quasi-success with the sketching yesterday--- I made Mistake 1, and started to believe him.

We walked over to Michaels, and he helped me pick out all of the items that I needed to complete the painting. I was alarmed by the prices, but I was armed with 3- 40% off coupons- so I thought that the total shouldn't be *too* bad. --Mistake 2!! The total of all of those art supplies ended up being MORE than the generic art that I thought was too expensive!

Matthew assured me that having an original piece of art, and the sense of pride that I'd have for having completed said piece of art would be totally worth the price. --Mistake 3- I believed him again!!

By the time that we got home, I was pretty excited to get started on my beautiful, original piece of art. I put the boys down for naps, and Matthew gave me some pointers to get started. I painted and painted- and eventually completed the background. It looked pretty good, but the colors weren't quite right... I kept telling myself that adding the foreground would make up for the not-right colors, and that it would all be okay.... --Mistake 4!

Adding the foreground did NOT make the painting look better... In fact, it made it look decidedly worse!!! I finished the painting, stood up, looked at it- and I deflated.

Just like that.

All of the build up, all of the excitement, gone. This shouldn't have been a surprise to me- I've always know that art isn't my thing, but somehow I let myself get carried away by this notion that my husband believed in me! I really wanted to make him proud! :(

He of course, still claims that he's really proud of me for trying- and he did his best to try and make me feel better- but I have to admit, I'm still pretty bummed.

I will NOT be sharing a picture of said artwork, but I will tell you what I named it...

"The dark and stormy day that blew weed seeds all over my yard"

The end.


  1. First of all, I am sure it is way better than you think it is. You are(sometimes) just a little hard on yourself.

    Second of all...I'm TOTALLY going to need to see that painting.

    On an unrelated note, I totally gave the you like vinegar sometime. speech to someone at school today. Ah DeSouza lives one.

  2. Ruthie says: If it is on canvas???? you can paint over the entire picture and begin again! right? Anyway, I agree with Sara, I bet you are being too hard on yourself.