Friday, January 8, 2010


Today, I took both of the boys sledding at a nearby park. We don't have very many (public) hills around here, but this one is a good one!! Last year we tried to take O sledding at our neighbor's house, but we didn't have the kind of sled that was good for downhill sledding- it ended up being a lot of work, and not much fun.

This year, Matt bought Owen an intertube style sled- and let me tell you, that thing FLIES!! I helped O get seated on the sled and got him to hang on, and I didn't even push the thing- it just took off! He went flying down the hill all by himself and I got nervous that he was going to be scared, but I could hear his laughter all of the way down. Once he came to a stop, he got off and drug his little sled right back up that big hill! I was so proud of him. Kids a lot older than him were having their moms or dads carry them, or the sled, or both up the hill!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this event. I was by myself with both boys and it was pretty much all that I could do to handle the two of them without worrying about a camera as well.

As much as Owen loved the sledding, Eli hated it. He liked to be pulled around on flat ground in his little infant sled, but if he had to go anywhere near that hill, he was NOT pleased! It was a difficult thing trying to keep him pleased and be able to help Owen. I'm hoping to take them back tomorrow and maybe get some pictures!

I apologize for my lack of wit or writing skills this evening. I am thoroughly worn out from the day of sledding. Probably even more worn out from getting two toddlers into all of the snow gear- GEESH what a job!

Hopefully I'll have fun sledding pictures to share tomorrow.

P.S. I have a faucet and showerhead installed in my bathroom now!! The drywall is all hung, and the second coat of mud is going on as I type! I will probably be painting this weekend- WOO HOO!!!!

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