Friday, January 1, 2010

Renovation- 1 week in!

Matthew was right when he told me that things would be way different when I returned from Carol and Dave's house! He (and Stephen) accomplished a lot in my absence! While I was gone they moved the water heater and water softener, changed the plumbing for the washer, moved all of the water lines to the new plumbing, took out the old window, framed in the new window, built the frame for the bathtub, moved the new tub into place, put in the new window, prepped the ceiling for the new drywall, ran electric, "prefit" the tub, and I'm sure some other various things. :) They also bought all of the remaining items needed to finish the reno. We got the most amazing showerhead- I'm pretty excited about it!!

When I returned, I worked on painting the furniture that it going in the room. We're going with a deep espresso color because pretty much everything else is going to be light colored, so I thought that a little contrast would be nice. I *think* that I am going to be really happy with it.

I have almost everything painted, so I am excited to get it all put back together and see how it looks!
I'm really getting antsy to start looking at accessories like towels and shower curtains. I can't wait to pick out the things that will really set off all of our hard work. I just know that it is going to be so amazing in there when we're done!

Tomorrow, the drywall is going up!! Woo Hoo!!

I hope that everyone had a happy New Year- I know that we did! We went to the Cinema Grille to see the Princess and the Frog with the boys and Sara and Todd. After the movie, we came back to the house and had a fun, low-key evening.
Today, it was back to the grindstone!

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