Monday, December 28, 2009

Renovation Day 3 ( and some other thoughts)

December 28, 2009

I had a *really* bad knee flare up last night. I was able to get an appointment with the rheumatologist for February 3. Hopefully they will be able to give me some more answers...

Today, Matthew was going to be working on plumbing and electrical things. Things that I am A: not able to help with, and B: not interested in at all! So I headed out to spend some time with a few people that I love.

First stop- Grandpa Toschlog
December 28th is the day that my Grandma passed away. It's been one year since her beautiful spirit went home. I miss her every single day, but of course, I've missed her for far longer than a year. She's been gone for a long time. I didn't know if Grandpa would be having a hard time today, so I made it my mission to spend some time with him and make sure that he was doing okay. I went to his house and then took him out to eat. He seemed to be doing pretty well, but he's a man of few words- so I'm sure that he wouldn't have expressed his grief, even if he was feeling it. It was nice to be able to spend that time with him today. He's a pretty special guy to me!

Second stop- Michelle

After leaving Grandpa's house, I got in touch with Michelle to make arrangements to meet. We decided to meet at Dairy Queen for a dessert. It struck me when she said that she would meet me there- because I've always picked her up. It's strange to see her grown up with a car and all of that.

A much bigger realization of her "adulthood" hit me soon enough though. As we sat down to eat, she said to me, "I'vegotsomenewsI'mpregnant!" Then she started crying. She'd been dreading telling me because she didn't want to disappoint me again. I was shocked to say the least. But as she told me about all the plans that she's been making- I have to say that once again, she amazed me. How this girl, time after time, manages to make lemonade out of the lemons that life hands her, I'll never know. This isn't going to be easy, far from it, but I know that she's going to make the best of the situation.

Third stop- Ernie

On my way back towards Indy, I decided that I would swing by and check on my other Grandpa, Ernie. By this time, the roads had become pretty slick. As I pulled up to his house, he was outside scraping off his car. Long story short, I ended up taking him ALL over Muncie to run his errand (yes, one errand. ALL over Muncie). After spending time with both grandpas today, I remembered that if it weren't for stubborn Grandpas, I'd have no grandpas at all!! :) It was nice getting to spend time with three very special people in my life.

Next, it was time to return home and check out the renovation progress. Matthew had a very productive day in my absence. He removed the blue bathtub and installed all new plumbing throughout our house!! The plumbing was the biggest accomplishment, but the memory of watching that blue bathtub go out the door holds a special place in my heart!! :)

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