Friday, January 29, 2010

Big things

There are fun things happening around this joint. The boys are recovering nicely, we're getting out of the house- despite the cold, and the bathroom is all but done... Good things my friends, good things.

Yesterday, the boys and I went to meet up with my good friend Emily and her little ones N and O. Owen and N have been buddies since birth. Their birthdays are 9 days apart, and they slobbered on the same toys as babies. I met Emily in breastfeeding support group, and we developed a wonderful friendship over the year that we attended the group together. Now, three and a half years, and one kid later, we still love getting together and letting our hoodlums run amuck. One of our favorite haunts is Jump and Play in Avon, because we can sit and chat while the boys act like crazy people.

Then, last night Sara and Todd came over for dinner and I have to tell you, I made a MEAN lentil soup! It was agreed by all that it was delish. Even Owen ate it- so there's the real proof of the pudding! We also had gelato and blueberries for dessert. mmmmmm.

Tomorrow, brings with it another big event; we're taking Owen to see Monster Jam downtown. He couldn't be more excited! He's actually been to a monster truck show before with Grandma and Grandpa M, so he's really looking forward to this! Our bestest friends, Sara and Todd, are coming over to watch Mr. Eli since since he is incapable of being appropriately appreciative of monster trucks. We decided that we would make it a special night out with Mommy and Daddy for Owen, so we asked him where he'd like to eat. I gave him options such as McDonalds and Pizza King- which are some of his favorites.

You want to know what he picked??


That's my boy! :)

The kid absolutely LOVES sushi. (He eats crab rolls, which are fully cooked- for anyone who was planning on advising me on the safety of feeding my three-year-old raw fish.) Not only does he love sushi, but the child can pack away the sushi. It's fun to watch people's faces as O devours his weight in crab roll. So, being the nice mommy and daddy that we are, we're obliging and joining our little epicure in a meal of sushi before Monster Jam. (Don't those two things just seem to go hand-in-hand?)

We're also pretty excited because we're going to spend a night in Chicago on Wednesday of this week. One of my girlfriends is flying in from Texas and we're meeting up with another friend that lives in Chicago. I'm sooo excited, I CANNOT wait! Matthew and the boys are going to hang out at the hotel pool while I spend the evening with the girls. Then on Thursday, we (Matthew, the boys and I) are going to spend the day at Shedd Aquarium. I remember going there several times as a child and it is amazing! I can't wait to share it with Owen and Eli.

Finally, here is the promised picture of my beloved bathroom. Like I said, it's not *quite* done, but it's very close. We're down to the finishing touches.

Isn't it lovely?

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  1. Ruthie says: The bathroom is abosolutely awesome! However, there is a face in the window, upper left hand corner???

  2. lol- that looks really creepy! It's probably one of Owen's "Skeltins".

    No, it's a reflection of the lights above the sink.

  3. Looks great! Love the floors!