Saturday, February 6, 2010

Monster Truuuccckkss

Last weekend, we took Owen to Monster Jam, and we had such a fun time. We were a little bit mad because several of the trucks were pretty "weak sauce", but it was still a nice evening. Owen enjoyed it, but was a little confused because he didn't think that the trucks were very "monsterous". We were up in the top of Lucas Oil, and from up there, those trucks look like toys. Owen couldn't understand why the trucks weren't jumping very high- even though they were jumping like 15-20 feet in the air, it only looked like inches to him. That's when we learned that 3-year-olds don't have perspective! :) To make matters worse, he's already been to monster trucks once with Grandma & Grandpa M, and he sat in the front row. He had in his mind how this was going to be, and section 639 didn't quite meet his expectations.

I really think that he enjoyed getting to spend the evening with just Mommy and Daddy. We certainly enjoyed getting to spend some two-on-one time with just him.

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