Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

I know that it goes without saying that little siblings always emulate their older brothers and sisters. I know I did, and my boys are no different. We have some serious monkey see-monkey do action going on around here. Sometimes it's good behaviors, sometimes it's bad ones, and many times it's great for a laugh. Lately, my boys have been enjoying being, "ghosts". Yes, the short, red lump and taller, the heart-covered lump pictured below are my two little ghosts. The best part of this game is that they walk all around the house making ghostly noises, and bumping into walls, furniture, each other- because they can't see a lick. Then they dissolve into laughter, rolling around on the floor cackling.

They also spend a lot of time wrestling now. I get a lot of enjoyment out of this activity because I think that it's hilarious to watch them roll around on the floor giggling and "attacking" each other. Now that they're on a more equal playing field, strength and size-wise, I don't worry too much for their safety. I do however have panic attacks thinking about them continuing to wrestle as they get bigger. And bigger. And bigger.

Seriously folks, we are going to need a bigger house.

They are going to tear this one down if they continue this wrestling business into their teenage years. (And I've been told by many mothers of boys that it won't even end then!) We're looking into building an annex to "put them in". Maybe part-time, maybe full-time... Who knows? :) It will have mat-covered floors, and padded walls. It will be made of concrete, and they'll just be able to have at it in there. We'll hold a bake sale soon to start funding that project :)

Although they still do their fair share of arguing, fighting, and many tears are shed each day about the injustices done to each by the other- things have gotten better with the two of them. (Remind me of that on a day when my voice is hoarse from screaming at Owen to "BE NICE TO YOUR BROTHER!!!") They can play together more now, and they both enjoy playing in their room together. I honestly don't even know what they're doing back there, but when all we hear is giggling and shrieking, we let them be.

Their sleeping situation has been getting more and more interesting. Owen is still in his tent, Eli is still in his crib (kinda). Almost every night, the bed process takes significantly longer than it used to because now that Eli can get out of his crib he crawls out of it and into Owen's tent and the playing/giggling fest commences. We usually have to go in there and relocate him back to his crib multiple times. It's gotten somewhat better though because they've been losing light and open door privelages as a result of their behavior.

Last night was different. I went into their room right before I went to bed to check on them like I always do, but what I found when I peeked into Eli's bed shocked me...

Houston, we have a problem!

It didn't take long to figure out where my MIA baby was though... I'd actually checked on Owen first, but totally missed that Eli was in there since he was back in the other corner of the tent behind the "door". I couldn't believe that he'd gotten out of bed after Owen was already asleep and then just laid down and fell asleep too. It was actually really cute.

Later, I checked again and they were even sleeping with their heads together. They just look like a couple of baby angels :)

Tonight, Owen asked to go to the spare room until Eli got to sleep because he was being too loud. About 30 minutes later we went to check on them and find that Eli had gotten out of his crib, went into the spare room and was laying in the bed with a sleeping Owen. That boy can't get enough of his big brother!

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  1. Great Aunt Ruthie says: What a good day..the sun is out and I got to read more heartwarming stories of my two first born GREAT Nephews! I love, love, love the stories!