Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Love Affair

My boys are smitten. They are head over heels for a little brown-eyed girl. (Are they brown?? Hard to say for sure, but they're big and gorgeous!) Ever since I've been watching Allie, these boys have been nuts for her. Eli loves her like a little sister, he sometimes gets jealous of her when she's being too "time consuming" of his mommy, but 90% of the time, he loves her.
Can I get a collective, "Awwww."?
Owen's love for Allie is different. He loves her unlike I've ever seen him love anyone. He cares for her comfort, worries about her, wants to help take care of her, he's very serious about loving her. It's amazing to watch him with her, because he will sit and hold her until she falls asleep- and even then, he'll sit still with her. During the time that he's home from school and she's awake, he's usually with her. He reads to her, plays with her, sings to her, builds things for her, and genuinely enjoys being with her. And you know what? She loves him too. She talks and giggles at him, she'll coo and carry on in a way that you rarely hear unless she's "talking" to him. It's pretty much the most precious thing that I've ever seen. It's really something that this little girl has tamed my wild, rambunctious 4 year old into a little boy who worries about Allie getting cold feet and spends his day trying to keep her tiny baby socks on.

We Gessners love our Walroths, our next generation is no different.

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  1. This is my favoritest post in the whole big universe. I love my little peanut getting loved on by your little cutie boys. It warms my heart so much! Surely one of them are going to marry her, right? :)