Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm sitting here at a total loss for how anyone could have mothered before the days of google... I mean I have googled more things relating to my children than you could ever imagine. I have googled "rash images" (ummm gross), "red dye allergies", and "Why does my three-year act like this?" among many other things-- some of which I will NEVER tell you. Ever.

Today it was, "My baby ate a charcoal briquette."

Yep. For real. That happened.

One minute, two boys were happily playing on the back porch, the next minute the little one is drooling black and chewing up a piece of charcoal like it was candy.

I googled first, called the dr. next and both assured me that charcoal was a perfectly safe thing to eat and that they give people charcoal in the office after they've eaten poison. Nice to know.

Now I wish that I would have snapped a photo before I franticly finger swept all of the black debris away and flushed his mouth repeatedly! :)

Aaannnd- just for reference, this is not the first time that I've had to google "My baby ate____" Nope, I've definitely filled in that blank with, "silica gel", "his own poop", and " a christmas lightbulb". Those were all Owen though- that kid stuck EVERYTHING in his stinking mouth.

Good grief. This parenting thing is rough.


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  1. Ruthie says" Oh dear! I wouldn't think charcoal was a good flavor at all! However I use to take charcoal tablets??? NOT sure why anymore?? So,they must heal something?