Thursday, March 18, 2010


Remember these guys??

Well, I can finally tell you about them! The night that these guys appeared on my blog was the night that I found out that my best friend in the whole world is PREGNANT!!!! WAAAAHHOOOOO! Sara is now in her second trimester, so I feel that I can spill my beans! Obviously my excitement was evident the night that I found out, and let me tell you, it hasn't dwindled one bit! Sara is so kind to let me live vicariously through her pregnancy, she puts up with my antics like a champ, and she allows me to gush about her baby to be like there's no tomorrow.

Of course, in case you were not aware, Sara and I are totally "blood" sisters. We definitely mingled blood the day of our car accident, and we decided the other night (Like we didn't already know, duh!) that we're totally "bound" for life after an experience like that!

Each week since we've found out that the Walroths were expecting, I've been preparing them a meal with the "baby food" of the week... Let me explain; each week Babycenter sends out an email that gives you the approximate size of your baby in food terms. So, we've taken this information and turned it into a reason to hang out and eat dinner together once a week! I love it! We also jam some Financial Peace University into our evening :) It's been a lot of fun to celebrate each moment of this pregnancy with our very best friends. We couldn't be happier for them and they are going to be AMAZING parents!

Week 6-Week 7

Todd loves to wear his green scrubs to dinner

It appears that SOMEONE was missing this week?!

See what I mean about how she puts up with my antics?

Todd *really* loves wearing his green scrubs to dinner!
Look how cute she is with her lime baby!
Eli loves limes :)
OH- and the giraffe thing. Oddly enough the day that S&T found out that they were "with child" they decided to go get a little baby present from Target and then come over to our house. Well Sara had texted me with a picture of the proof, so I ran out and got Baby W. a little present as well. After they arrived, we discovered that we both had picked out giraffes for the baby! So now, baby W. has a whole slew of giraffe things, because it's clearly his/her favorite animal! :) It just goes to show that great minds think alike!
I'm just loving this year folks! My first nephew is due in May(sooooo excited!!), then Michelle's baby in July, and then Baby Walroth in September!! My little aunt heart just grew 3x bigger this year! But there's totally room for more-- in case any other sisters-in-law decide to reproduce :)

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