Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A two thumb day

If you know my youngest child, you'll know that he will NOT be bathed unless he is accompanied by me. He will literally scream his fool lungs out if you try to put him into the bathtub. (Sara can attest to this!)

Well, last night the poor baby threw up all over his bed and then rolled through it- a lot. I was trying to get Owen ready for school and realized that I was going to have to deal with this --and quickly. I picked him up out of his bed and carried his puke-covered self to the bathroom. I stood him in the empty bathtub (traumatizing event #1) so that I could strip him- and then quickly ran to throw all of the stinky bedding/clothing into the wash.

I came back and looked my sweet little baby with his hair crusted in vomit and knew without a doubt that I love him an awful lot- but there was NO WAY that I was getting in that tub to give him a bath while he was still covered in puke. I proceeded to hose him down and wash his hair (traumatizing events #s 2-3) and he screamed harder than I have ever heard him scream. You would have thought that I was making boiled baby soup in that bathtub! I got him cleaned as quickly as I could and pulled him out of his personal hell and wrapped him in a towel. He continued to cry for a few minutes, but then finally found solace in sucking his thumbs. Both of them. At the same time. The poor little baby was so traumatized that he had to suck both of his thumbs at the same time.

The good news is that his day improved from then on out. He wasn't sick the rest of the day and aside from sleeping a little more and being a little more clingy- he acted fairly normal.

Bedtime tonight was pretty funny. We all knelt down to say prayers with Owen- (including Cheetah who folded his paws nicely) and afterwards Owen gave us all hugs and kisses. Owen leaned down to kiss Eli, and Eli looked back up with him with his mouth wide open to give his brother a "kiss". Owen looked at him and said, "I just want to kiss him on his head!" Eli tried his best to give his brother a big, wet one- but he was denied. :) Matthew and I both got a big kick out of that little interaction.

Hope you're all having a great week.

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  1. Hooray! You're back! I missed your blog!

  2. And also...Eli better get over this bathing thing. We don't tolerate smelly kids in this family. ;)

  3. Poor little Eli! Owen cracks me up! Thanks for sharing that cute story. Hope Eli is feeling better and that Owen manages to stay healthy!

  4. Ruthie says: I have missed the precious stories about my only Great Nephews and of course their parents! LOL I am glad you are back on the blog, but I am sorry about all of you getting the belly bug!