Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wow, it's dark in here!

Christmas is over. I'm a little sad, but life's not slowing down for even a minute- so I'll get over it soon! We also have lots of great new memories from the holiday season!

Wednesday Evening we celebrated Christmas with our best friends, Sara and Todd. We ate sushi (which was *quite* the experience!) and then went back to their house to celebrate with Christmas cookies, cake wrecks, and of course, presents! This year, in the spirit of simplicity and saving money, we agreed to do "homemade" Christmas. It was really nice! We got the most awesome picture frame that has a mat laser cut into our last name!! It's soo nice! It is going to go right above the doorway to the kitchen where the Christmas sign usually hangs backward for half of the year! For Sara and Todd, Matthew carved their last name into a piece of sandstone. We were really proud of how it turned out!

Christmas Eve, Matthew and I spent most of the day cooking and cleaning in preparation for our families to arrive Christmas morning. That evening, we did our annual tradition of exchanging pajamas. We all put on our new PJs and watched the Polar Express and ate popcorn. Then, we got dressed again and headed out to midnight mass.

The boys had slept in really late and they had lengthy naps, so they were able to hang in there through the mass, they were a bit irritable though. We finally made it to Communion, and we're walking back to our seats- Owen was walking behind me, and Matthew was a few people behind him. All of the sudden the entire back half of the church went black. I looked back, and Owen has turned off ALL FOUR of the light switches!! I ran back and turned them on, and of course everyone was staring at us. Owen was cracking up because he thought that the whole thing was hilarious! I was totally mortified!! Matthew later said that even though he didn't see Owen do it, he KNEW when he saw the lights go out that Owen was involved!

We came home, put the boys to bed, and prepared everything for Santa to come.

Christmas morning, we got up, ate breakfast, opened gifts and then prepared the meal. The highlight of Owen's morning was the John Deere Gator delivered by Santa!

We were blessed to spend Christmas with my parents, my grandpa, Matthew's parents, and Jodi and Brett. It was a really nice day, and I am thankful that we were able to spend time with everyone!

Saturday we celebrated Christmas with all of the Gessners at Jodi's house. We did our family exchange, (I got the most fabulous sweater slipper boots, and two new books from Jodi!!) ate yummy food, played games, and just enjoyed each other! It was another really nice day spent with family!

It's hard to stay sad about Christmas being over when we have so many happy memories to look back on.

Stay tuned for the next big project!!

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