Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Almost Here!!

I'm so excited that Christmas is almost here. I absolutely love Christmas. I love what it represents, I love the music, I love the decorations, I love it.

I don't however, love the cynicism that comes with the holidays. I don't love the snide songs talking about what a drag it all is, and I really don't love how incredibly stressed people get about Christmas. We are celebrating the birth of CHRIST here people!! It shouldn't be about how much was spent on a gift, or what you did or did not receive. It's about the miracle of Christ. I marvel when I think about how that first Christmas must have been- the humblest of beginnings. I'm in awe when I think about how frightened the Sheppards must have been when the Angel first appeared to them. I'm humbled when I think of Mary delivering her sweet child in a manger. When I put myself in the mind frame to consider these things- it really alleviates any stress that I might be feeling. It helps me to understand why we're celebrating. During one of my recent RCIA classes, Father Kevin spoke about Christmas and why we even give gifts. He said that we give gifts because we see Christ in the people that we love. I really liked that, and it seemed to really fit with the true spirit of the Holidays.

This is my first year celebrating the entire Advent season. I grew up Protestant, and sure I looked forward to Christmas all month, but it wasn't the same. This year, we're celebrating Advent. It has been such a wonderful thing. Owen and I talk about it every day, and we're helping him to count his blessings this Holiday season by celebrating a different person in our lives each and every day. It's been nice, and I think that he's enjoyed it. We started out calling each person as we celebrated them, but then with the boys getting so sick, we didn't get most of our calls made. We certainly still thought about and celebrated each person on their special day though!

Anyway, Sorry that I am just rambling today. All of these thoughts have just been rolling around in my head, so I thought that I would just write them down here. I hope that everyone has a very safe, joyful, and blessed Christmas this year.

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