Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dinosaurs and the Big Guy

Actual conversation between Owen and I this evening...

Owen: Are those crickets outside?

Me: Yes.

Owen: Are they just little bitty?

Me: Yes, they're little bitty.

Owen: They don't bite?

Me: No, crickets don't bite.

Owen: Dinosaurs bite.

Me: Yes they do.

Owen: Why do dinosaurs bite?

Me: Because that's how they catch their food.

Owen: Why are dinosaurs big?

Me: Because that's how God made them.

Owen: God must be REALLY big.



I love these little moments. I love the way that I can watch the thoughts rolling around in his head as he formulates his next question. The way that he thinks amazes me. These are the things that I want to never forget about my child.

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