Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Mom Stuff

1. You need a Tribe.  Momming is tough stuff, and you need aTribe to get you through it.  Today was a day we were incredibly thankful for the Tribe.

2. Good mom friends are priceless.  I recently read a book about the importance of having inner and outer circle mom friends. Both kinds are incredibly important.  The inner circle ones are the ones that could/would step into your shoes and take over if a crisis happened.  They could mother your children in your proxy if need be.  They can pick you up when you have not one ounce of strength left to stand on your own.  They know you better than you know yourself. 
The outer circle friends are also amazing.  They'll take you out for a girl's night when you're feeling down. They can make you laugh. They'll bring you a casserole when you've been sick.  They'll pick your kids up from school to help you out in a pinch.  I'm so incredibly thankful for my girlfriends.  I'm thankful for Owen being in school and for the opportunity to develop more mommy friendships.

3. My Owen is getting so big.  He went on his first mommy-less playdate today!  He was invited over to a friend's house after school today and he hasn't stopped talking about what a fun time he had. He loved his lunch, he loved their bounce house, he loved their house.  He loved their house so much that he suggested that we get one just like it--- but "we could hang our own pictures and stuff." he assured me.   He concluded with, "If they invite me over again, I'll definitely go!"  It was sweet to see him be so excited!

4. My boys have both had different kinds of sickness this week.  Eli's had an odd stomach thing going on where he didn't feel like eating.  He wasn't vomiting or feverish, just had a tummy ache.  Owen had one night of croup.  It was a really bad attack, and I ended up staying up with him all night with him because his breathing was so scary.
I hate seeing my kiddos sick. I do. But for some reason, I feel like that's when I know how to mother best.  Is that weird?  When they're sick, I know just how to hold them so that they're most comfortable. I know how to cool a feverish body. I know how to steam away croup.  There are things that I can do for them when they're not feeling well. 

5. My boys are pretty incredible little people. I swear that they're changing every day. 

6. When I took Owen to the doc this week, I found out that he's grown 1.75 inches and gained 2 pounds since August.  I think that most of that's been in the past 3 weeks.  Since Eli's not been eating, Owen had literally been eating both his and Eli's portions.  One night he ate all of his meal, most of Eli's, and part of his Grandpa's!  Kid is packing away some food!

7. Eli had a hard lesson tonight in how three-year-old tyranny is not tolerated in our home.  Tonight's tyrannical attempt was in regards to favorite jammies being in the wash. Silly you say? Why yes it was.  Even sillier was the crying, snotting, stomping, naked fit that was thrown in regards to said jammies.  He eventually realized that no amount of bullying on his part was going to result in the jammies being magically clean and settled for a less desirable pair of jammies.  It's TOUGH to be three sometimes.

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