Monday, January 23, 2012

On being joyful

I've never really given that much thought to joy until the past few months.  See, I've got a son that can find joy in anything.  He is truly the most joyful person that I know.  And guess what, as a result he is generally a joy to be around.

I have another son that can find a reason to be miserable about ice cream. (He really did, just last Friday).  We've recently been talking a lot about joy in our house, and trying to be more joyful people.  I don't know if you can learn to be more joyful, but I'm hoping that you can.  I'm guessing that it starts by trying to find the positives in any given situation. 

When the joyful son was opening Christmas gifts this year, he would rip the paper back and immediately shriek, "YAY, a box!"   every. single. time.   And the thing about him is that he totally could have been happy if that box had nothing in it all.  I really think that we could have given him a lump of coal and he would have been happy.  What a blessing to be able to look at any situation and find joy in it.  I mean this kid laughs like 80% of the day. 

Man, I want to be more like that.  His personality is truly enviable. 

So I'll start with today.  I'm going to find joy today. Cuz this is the day that the Lord hath made and dude, I'm gonna be glad in it.

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