Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rough Days

This is one of those posts that I hate to write because it reminds me that I don't have it all together, that things aren't perfect...

Last Tuesday, I went to pick Owen up from school and I knew immediately that something wasn't right. His teacher came out to talk to me prior to bringing him and T out to the car. She informed me that Owen bit T that morning right before they headed to the classroom and that he was sent to the principal's office to talk to Mrs. Keith and Fr. Kevin.

The principal!?! The priest!?! GAAAAHHH.

I was seriously devastated. He's had such an incredibly good year, and then this bomb dropped. They informed me that he has been hitting too, not so much in a mean way, but in an impulsive way.

I didn't know what to do. I called Matthew, I called T's mom, (who was afraid that T might need medical attention based on my sobbing confession of what had happened... She did not- she barely even had a mark). I called Sar, I called my friend, Joell, I called my mother-in-law, I called our pediatrician.

Yeah. I was probably overreacting, but my heart was broken! It was like the "N" on last year's report card all over again x100,000! It is unbelievably difficult to hear something like that about your child. All day long, my head was pounding. I was at a total loss as to how to handle the situation. Why, oh WHY don't these little people come with instruction manuals??!?! I sometimes feel that I am so unequipped to handle my kids, (namely, Owen). Why did God entrust ME with these precious little lives when I am so clearly inept? What did I do wrong to cause these problems? It was a rough day to say the least. I'm so thankful that my mom friends/mentors were there to pick me up and dust me off that day, because I don't think that I would have gotten up on my own, I would have rather have crawled under the table and hid.

I'm quite aware that most of you reading this are thinking that I am crazy, that this wasn't that big of a deal, and maybe you're right... But it WAS a big deal to me. You never know what's going to come along and blindside you in regards to your children. You never know which straw is going to break the so-called camel's back, because as mothers we carry such enormous loads everyday. So this "thing" that happened? Yes, it's just a "straw" in the grand scheme of things, but that day?? Well it was one freaking big straw.

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  1. No one thinks you're least no one who's a momma. Someday I am sure Little Miss will break her mom's heart and you'll be there to pick my sorry self back up. I totally can understand why you were devastated. Anyway, you constantly astound me with how gracefully and easily you mother your little darling hooligans. You're definitely my mommy role model. Hang in there! Love you!