Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sweet KaeLynn

Perfection (n.) A sweet baby girl fresh out of the oven.

Thursday morning, July 29, I got the text that my little sister was in labor. I had all of these back-up plans for how I was going to get out of the house quickly and make it in time for KaeLynn's birth- but they didn't work out quite how I'd thought. Fortunately, Sar saved the day by coming over to watch the kiddos while I made a mad dash for Muncie. Perhaps too mad of dash? I got a ticket. in a work zone. (Explain THAT one to your road construction husband!) After the friendly state trooper sent me on my way, I made my way, within the legal speed limit, to Muncie.

I arrived at the hospital right right before Miss KaeLynn entered the world. I got to see her shortly after she was born, and she was so perfect and beautiful. Both girls were actually! Michelle was amazing and started breastfeeding KaeLynn right away. She tried so hard, and was unbelievably persistant as she faced a variety of challenges and obstacles those first few days.

I was excited to be there when the nurse gave KaeLynn her first bath, and I went all Stepharazzi taking a bazillion photos to document the occasion. Let me show you this one (taken during her bath) and I'll let you guess why I think that she might be Eli's soul mate.

Saturday, we went back to Muncie so that Matthew and the boys could meet sweet KaeLynn. Again, she was a hit! The boys were super excited to see Michelle too, and were up in her lap right away.

Michelle helped Owen hold KaeLynn and he just loved it. He adored that little girl.

I of course, also had to hold little Miss again, but it didn't last long...

Because SOMEONE got jealous. Let me clarify that it WASN'T KaeLynn...

But it's okay, because look how CUTE he is!! That's a ridiculous level of cuteness, no?

Now, KaeLynn is 6 days old and she's gained close to a pound already. Michelle is feeding that baby well!! I'm so incredibly proud of Michelle for sticking with her breastfeeding commitment even as the challenges mounted against her.

Seeing my little sister become a mommy was one of the most incredible things that I have ever experienced. She will give this parenting thing everything that she has. She will do whatever it takes to be everything that her daughter needs. She will be an amazing mother, and I couldn't be more proud of her! I love you Michelle! You're amazing!

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  1. Yay Michelle! We're proud of you! And jealous. Come on, little Walroth. Time to meet you on the outside, just kidding, not for 8 more weeks. ARG! Hopefully your drive to my baby-birthing will be a little less...eventful :) You're a great big sis, Aunt Steph. Can't wait for you to meet your next little niece!

  2. Also, yes, Eli is adorable. I want to nom his little face, like 99% of the time. Also, why does Owen look like a boy and not a baby? Who stuck those long arms and legs on him? They're unacceptable. Maybe you need to have one more baby????? ;)

  3. Oh my gosh! Those boys are absolutely cute! I was smiling from ear to ear when I saw the kids. What an adorable baby! :) Congratulations, proud auntie!