Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Holiday World!

It's hard to believe that my little boy is big enough/tall enough to appreciate the wonders of an amusement park, but last Wednesday proved that he is.

Grandma Carol, the boys and I spent the entire day at Santa Claus's little gem, Holiday World. Owen was thrilled from the moment that we walked in the gate. I can vaguely remember looking at an amusement park through a child's eyes- and I remember it being a spectacular thing. The day was all about Owen, (Much to Eli's dismay). He got to pick all of the rides that he wanted to ride- and he had an awesome time. I couldn't believe how brave he was. He rode every ride in the amusement park area that he was tall enough for-- even the log ride with a fairly good-sized drop! He was super proud of the fact that he rode a roller coaster too.

After we finished riding all of the rides that he was tall enough for in Holiday World, we headed over to Splashin' Safari. Owen rode two BIG slides and he recalls those as his favorite rides of the day. He was so brave, and had such a awesome time. It was super fun to get to do these things with him for the first time.

Grandma Carol saved the day by watching Eli and keeping him happy while Owen got to ride. Eli did ride some things too-- until he decided that he was too mad to even look at the rides. His 'tude didn't last long, and turned around significantly after he had some lunch in his belly. He had a blast at Splashin' Safari- and loved playing in the shallow pools. He eventually conked out in the wagon and got his nap out while Owen finished up his day.

Our first Holiday World adventure was a total success, and we definitely made some great memories. I wish that we had more pictures of our day and of some of the bigger stuff that we rode, but we were having such a fun time, the camera was sort of forgotten.
Thanks so much to Craig and Marlene for making our awesome day possible!

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  1. Umm, why is Eli big enough to be on rides without being held? My heart stopped a little when I saw that. Totally not okay. N.O.T.O.K. I tell you. And someone (aka TIME)stole Owen and replaced him with a great big boy...apparently one who rides roller coasters. I object, time. What the heck, time? Stop messing with me, time.