Thursday, May 6, 2010


Do not proceed with this post if you are offended by photos of at-home science experiments involving urine, draino, and caustic reactions :)

All right...

Anyone still there??


Since Sara was about 2 seconds pregnant we have been subjecting her to various gender determination tests to entertain our own impatient spirits. We have done the Chinese gender chart, (boy--- I think), the wedding ring test (girl- fo sho), and now we've also done the Draino and intelligender tests.

Much to Sara's dismay, Todd brought the Draino crystals to dinner last night, and to her even further dismay, we insisted that she pee in a cup so that could perform said Draino experiment. I believe that her quote regarding this event was, "You guys are gross!" Fair enough.

The Draino experiment is said to react with the "girl" or "boy" hormones found in the urine. Supposedly, if the draino/urine combo doesn't change colors, the baby is a girl, but if the draino turns dark green or brown, it is a boy. Okay, here we go.

Draino crystals prior to urine being added

Right after adding the urine

After about 5 seconds

After 10-15 seconds

Did you see the smoke in this last photo?!?!

So the Draino test definitely has clear BOY results. Intelligender also produced a BOY result. (Sorry no pictures of this test- I know how much you wanted to see more pictures of pee!) Sara had an ultrasound this week, but little one decided to keep his/her legs closed for the event- so no solid evidence there, other than I swear that I saw girl parts :)

So I guess there's a 50/50 chance, huh? :)

Okay, so to make amends for the pee pics, here are some funny O&E photos to wrap up this post.

Guacamole Face

Sacked Out!

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  1. Interesting test, but I have to admit... a little gross. Hopefully she'll be able to find out the official answer in a few weeks. Then you'll know what tests are most accurate! ~j.j.