Thursday, May 20, 2010

So in love

Dear Nolan,

I haven't loved anyone this much since my own little monkeys made their way into this world. You are perfect.


Aunt Stephanie

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  1. Great Aunt Ruthie says: with love in my heart..I say, "Thank you God for giving our family another beautiful bundle of Joy"

  2. Eli looks really happy to be a cousin!!!
    Cute pictures!

  3. I agree with Jode... Eli is hilarious! I have been waiting for these pictures! he is perfect. I can't wait to meet him =)
    p.s. I am in love with his face in the picture of you holding him =)

  4. I know Janelle!! That face is hilarious. He looks pi**ed that I'm holding him, or maybe that we're flashing a camera in his face repeatedly!

    Eli had to steal the show even with Nolan in the photo. Little ham! This picture was not an accurate representation of his feelings towards not being "the baby" anymore.