Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Every year I go a little crazy when the graduation announcements start coming in the mail... WHO is graduating?? NOT possible! They CAN'T be that OLD yet! You know what I'm talking about- just admit it. This year it was my baby cousins, Kyle, Vanessa, and Mariah. I distinctly remember carrying each of them around when their rears were still in diapers! I've watched them grow up- and now look, here they are, beautiful young adults, GRADUATING from high school. Where does time go???

Then I got the announcement that hit me even harder...

Preschool Graduation

May 26, 2010, 6:30 pm


That's right, my little boy graduates from preschool tonight. They're going to put on a whole program to make weak-hearted mamas like myself sob.

Seriously, where has time gone?

It was last week that I came home Bradford Woods sweaty, sticky- and then came out the bathroom with two pink lines and the biggest smile ever. It was three days ago that I labored for 36 hours and brought a miracle into the world. It was day before yesterday that I sat in a hospital waiting room with my family and friends, biting my nails, and trying to keep my heart beating in my chest while a big chunk of it lay on an operating table with my little boy. It was yesterday that I watched him turn 1, 2, 3...

Where has time gone?

Tonight he graduates from preschool. It's a big step. According to him, it should be celebrated in a big way. He has requested balloons and a chocolate fountain. That's right folks, a chocolate fountain! Anyone have one of those lying around??? He dreams big, that one.

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  1. Ruthie says...Hope the young Graduate atleast got chocolate???