Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zoo-rrific Day

Last Thursday, the boys and I headed to the zoo with my friend, Emily, and her kiddos, N & O. Em and I both have zoo memberships, so we love going there and spending however long we feel like piddling around with our four monkeys.

It is so fun to watch Owen and N playing together. They just love each other and they are such boys when they are together. They are self-proclaimed best friends, and they are two peas in a pod.

Look at these cool cats.

Because of the beautiful weather that we've been having, the zoo has already opened their splash park. The boys spent the majority of their day running around like crazy boys in the water. It was hilarious to watch the two of them.

They go from silly faces, to mean faces, to fake fighting,

to bro-mance within a matter of seconds.

You can just look at these photos and see what a fun time they have together.

Oh yeah, and Eli was there too :)

I promise that we did actually see animals while we were there too, even though I know that it wouldn't appear so based on these photos.

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