Sunday, April 18, 2010

Best April Ever!

I can't believe how many times that I've said that this spring. It has been so beautiful, so warm, so sunny, so absolutely wonderful! The boys and I already have a nice little tan from spending so many hours outside soaking up the sunshine!

Needless to say, Owen's bike and Gator have seen a lot of action. It's been nice when I'm watching the other kids, because they spend the whole day outside playing. Thank goodness for the "trailer" that Stephen and Matthew hooked up to the Gator at Easter. It's coming in handy now that all four kids are playing outside all day.

In other news, we're beginning to plan a fourth birthday part for a special little man! The date is tentatively set for June 19th- and it's going to be a Toy Story Theme. I'll be sending out invites sometime in May- but just wanted to get that date out there for everyone interested in coming.

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