Monday, April 5, 2010

New Owen & Eli Anecdotes

So this post is just a random collection of some of the funnier moment of the poast week. These boys sure keep me laughing!!

Last week, Owen and I were trying to fly a kite in the backyard. Our yard is really not a yard for kite flying because of the power lines, but I was giving it my best shot. The other problem was that the wind was sporadic and changing directions. Owen was watching my failures quietly until he finally said, "Maybe you just call Grandma Carol. She really knows what she's doing." I couldn't help but laugh because he said it with such a helpful spirit. And I did indeed call Grandma Carol to let her know that she was the master of kite flying in Owen's eyes.

Later in the week, I had the privelage of spending one of Todd and Sara's spring break days with them. We went to lunch, then to pick out baby carrier fabric, and then to Target. I had two tired boys by this point, but Eli was tired enough that he was demanding that Sara hold him throughout the entire shopping trip. When her arms finally wore out from carrying the chunky monkey, she tried to sit him in the cart and he burst into tears. He threw his little head back and sobbed. Owen looked at Sara and said, "YOU broke THAT baby's heart. That baby's heart is broken because of YOU!" We're pretty sure that this was a verbatim quote of something that one of us has said to the other in regards to the injustices done to Eli-- So we realized once again how imperative it is to watch what we say in front of the parrot.

Yesterday we had Easter for everyone here at the house. I let the "rules" lapse a little and the boys had a hayday eating candy and sweets found in Easter baskets and eggs. By last night, both boys were on the verge of a sugar crash- so we bathed them, and pulled out their couch to watch a movie and made them some popcorn to share. I don't know what we were thinking assuming that two boys sitting right beside each other could share one bowl of popcorn- but it didn't work out. Owen was so concerned with Eli "eating it all" that he spent more time trying to keep the popcorn away from Eli than he did eating it. At one point he stands up and shows us his still relatively full bowl and cries, "There's only some left!" OH NO!! Not some, that's a tragedy! The evening ended with the movie being turned off, popcorn all over the floor, and two boys hitting, kicking, and screaming over said popcorn. They were immediately sent to bed where Eli was soon asleep, but Owen spent the next two hours singing, making various noises, and chanting, "Ahhhhh Sugar, I love sugar, I'm on sugar, Suuuuuuuggggaaaaarrrrr!" You people who think that it's okay to give this child sugar are WRONG! :)

Finally, today I took both boys to the park. Owen took his tricycle along to ride on the trails. Reggie was walking Eli, and it was just a lovely time. A funny thing that Eli does, especially when his grandparents are around, is to grab their fingers and pull them to where he wants to go. He literally has people wrapped around his finger! So today, as we were walking back towards the Jeep from the trails, an older couple stopped to make over Reggie and the boys. The man patted Eli's head, and right away Eli reached his pudgy little hand out for the man's finger. The man let him take his hand, and Eli started pulling him down the path. Then he grabbed the woman's finger with his other hand and started walking both of them down the path in the opposite direction than they were headed. Both of them got a total kick out his sweet little self and had to pry their fingers loose from Eli's kung-fu grip. That little boy has a way of brightening everyone's day.

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  1. Thanks for cheering me up! :)

  2. what precious stories! I smile all the way through the Owen and Eli stories! says Ruthie