Thursday, April 8, 2010

A letter to my youngest

Dear Eli,

I really don't know that I have the words to describe what a gift you are to my life, but I'll do my best. You are the sweetest little thing that I have ever seen. You have a heart of gold and could teach most adults a thing or two about how loving is supposed to be done. You are smart, funny, and a total crowd-pleaser. You truly are your own "sun" with the way that you light up a room. You just have a way of making others smile. That's why it goes without saying that this is your song.

When you snuggle your little face into my neck, it never fails to melt my heart. You make me smile because of your "Mama's Boy" ways, but you've finally warmed up to the rest of your family as well!
You are about the cutest little thing with all of your silly faces and that radiant personality, but you are usually a total mess, and an exact opposite to your brother's neat and put-together ways. But it just fits you to a tee :)

As sweet as you are, you also know how to stand up for yourself. Whether it's with your brother who's taken something from you, or with me or Daddy who haven't given you what you want- you do what you have to do to rectify the situation. You certainly have a little 'tude when you want to!
I also just love to watch you sleep. You always sleep curled up with your bottom in the air and your feet crossed. It is the cutest thing, and I sneak in every night just to get a peek of this.

Right now, you're 18 months old. You aren't talking (in English) much, but you do a great job with signing. You have mastered, "Please", "More", and "Eat". Not surprising for a boy who can eat more that me in a meal! :) We're just so proud of you and each new skill that you master!

We are oh-so thankful that you're a part of this family and we're so excited to watch you grow and learn new things. Thank-you for being the blessing that you are. We love you Eli!


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  1. Eli is incredibly cute! He is on top of the list of cutest kids ever... Also, I can't get enough of "the stink face" as you refer to it! =)