Monday, April 12, 2010

Guess What!

I can hardly believe it, but Owen is now the proud owner of a two-wheel bike. And here's the kicker... He can ride it. Well!

He has had a tricycle for a couple of years, but for some reason, he was never able to pedel it very well. It was strange because Owen has MAD gross motor skills and has always been way ahead of his age group in his major motor skills. We finally figured out that our tricycle put him at an angle that gave him no leverage to pedel. We discovered this because we took him to Target one night and he got on several different trikes and could ride them just fine.

We finally decided that we would let Owen buy a new trike with his Easter money from Grandma and Grandpa. Owen and I had been looking at and trying out different trikes in the store, and I was researching them on the internet. Finally, this Saturday while Matthew and I were together, we decided to let Owen buy a two-wheel bike with training wheels. We figured that if he was able to ride it, it would last him a lot longer in the long run.

So we bought the bike and a helmet, came home to put it together, and then we were off to the park to learn how to ride! At first, he had a hard time remembering not to press the pedals backward because on a trike he was able to, but before long- he was pedaling away like a champ!

He did take a few spills that first day, resulting in skinned palms and knees, but he got right back up and tried again. When we went back out again on Sunday, he rode that bike like he's been riding forever. He rode over three miles that day!!

Owen's new safety gear after his falls: knee, elbow and hand guards

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  1. Are those the new sunglasses that he's been working so hard for?! Awesome. He looks totally cool!