Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Great Day

I think that we're finally all on the mend and feeling better. We had a rough week and a half, but I have my fingers crossed that we're over all that was plaguing us. Today, Owen had school and I'm happy to say that I received another positive report about my little man today. That's two school days in a row! WOO HOO! That's cause for celebration in my book, so we went to our favorite little bagel shop and had lunch and then we went to Jo Ann Fabrics to get some things that I needed.

Back up a little. Since Christmas, when Matthew and I exchanged bathrobes, Owen has been talking about wanting a bath robe. I have been promising that I would make him one when I got my machines out. Well today was the day. He had already picked out the fabric that he wanted from my current stash, but I told him that we could get a "sticker" (applique) to put on his robe. He was sooo excited to look through the assortment of "stickers" that Jo Ann had to offer, and although I *may* have steered him away from a few more "feminine" options, he ended up choosing a great little dump truck. He was thrilled to carry that little dump truck around the store, and I was thrilled that it kept his hands off of all of the other things in the store. He was cracking me up because he stopped several different employees to tell them ALL about his new robe. If you know Owen, you know that he doesn't spare you any details- and these employees all got to hear waaaay more than they ever wanted to know about Owen's new bathrobe. :)

It went something like this...

O "I have a dumptruck sticker."

(E)mployee, "Oh you do?"

O, "Yup, I'm going to put it on my wobe"

E, "You have a robe?"

O, "Nope."

E, "Oh?"

O, "Mommy and me are making my wobe, and it's going to have a dumptruck sticker."

E, "Oh, well that will be nice."

O, "Mommy's going to get her snowing machines out, both of them, but I'm not allowed to touch them. I'm going to help with the other parts. Mommy, you'll help me with the other parts right?"

Me, "Uh huh."

O, "Yeah, Mommy will help me with the other parts. We're going to make my wobe when we get home after my nap. I don't want to take a nap, but mommy says I have to take a nap. After my nap I'll have a snack. I'm going to have a bagel for my snack because that's what I had for lunch. Mommy put the piece I had left in a sack and she said that I can have it for snack. It was a french toast bagel. After I eat my bagel snack, I can help mommy make my wobe. It's going to have a dumptruck sticker on it."

E, (Inching away) "That sounds good. Enjoy your robe." (Bolts)

I hope that when he starts writing that he puts his knack for including the details to good use! :)

Without further ado, here are some photos of the little man modeling his new robe and matching pajama pants :)

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  1. Aunt Ruthie says: This story is so cute, I had to read it twice!
    Really glad you are all well again.
    You whipped that great wobe out very quickly!

  2. Love the picutre of O cheesing it up for the camera. The wobe looks great! Aunt J.J.

  3. I love his new wobe. I also like the first picture of Eli's face. ahha