Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ahhhh Heaven!

So guess what... I took a bath in my new, big, deep, wonderful bathtub tonight- and it was GLORIOUS!! No there is no tile on the wall, there are no faucets to turn on and off, there's not even a drain- But by gosh, there was a bath! :) My wonderful husband made it happen. He hooked up a piece of pex that ran into the tub, and we plugged the "drain" with one of Owen's bath toys. Matthew turned the water on from the basement, and we filled that bad boy right on up. He even plugged in the motor (so that the jets would work) using an extension cord. I'm sure that it was pretty funny sight (that fortunately no one saw or ever will see) but it was just so nice and relaxing. I was even able to read about 100 pages of my new book, The Time Traveler's Wife. Probably the most entertaining part was after I got out and let out the "drain". The "drain" is directly over the sump pump, so we just let all of the water run out and into the basement, right into the pump. I ran down the stairs to watch it- it was pretty great!

Matthew finished putting up the concrete board today, and finished the niches that will hold all of our soaps and shower things. He also finished the ceiling where the closet once was. He mimicked the ceiling pattern perfectly! I don't know how he manages to do these things.
Judging by this picture- apparently *some* people like to measure things in the shower... lol

I cleaned and painted the walls, and let me tell you, they look great! Matthew did a wonderful job of finishing that drywall, and the paint looks really nice as a result. The color is perfect- totally soothing and relaxing. It's really starting to look like a room again! Tomorrow, I'll give the walls a second coat of paint, and the cabinets are going in!! It's so exciting to see it all coming together so nicely.

Once this is all done, I am going to have some MAJOR cleaning to do. Pretty much everything else has been left undone while we've been in the midst of all of this. It'll feel great to get the rest of my house back to normal as well.

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