Thursday, December 10, 2009

What you need to do

Is there anyone else out there who loves shopping online as much as Matthew and I?? We honestly do 80%+ of our shopping online. We get better deals, I ALWAYS have coupon codes, and our newest treasures are the cashback programs!! We're hooked!

I've been using and for a couple of months now, and Matthew just started using We've had great success with these sites and are THRILLED with the deals that we've got. Just today, we earned over $20 in cash back from these sites! Not too shabby! You can also combine coupon codes with the cash rebates to make for some really sweet deals.

The other great thing is that you get a percentage of what your referrals spend, plus usually a signup bonus! I pasted Cashbaq and Shopathome's linkies in my sidebar. If you click through one of these to sign up, you'll receive $5, and so will I!! Everyone wins.

Give them a try, we've been super pleased!


  1. Thanks Steph! I love to shop online. ~J.J.

  2. Stephanie,

    Thanks so much for telling your readers about Cashbaq and helping spread the word about all the deals to be found. Hopefully you continue to find great deals through the holiday season.


    Casey (Cashbaq Team)