Monday, December 7, 2009

St. Nicholas Day

Sunday at church, we celebrated St. Nicolas Day with a pancake breakfast and lots of Christmas activities. It was a really fun morning and Owen enjoyed decorating Christmas cookies, making reindeer food, getting his face painted, and talking with St. Nicholas. When it was Owen's turn to go sit on St. Nicholas's lap, he walked right up there and climbed up. St. Nicholas asked him what he wanted for Christmas, and Owen looked around at the Christmas trees and "gifts" that were being used as the backdrop for the "Santa" pictures, and pointed to the largest gift under the tree and says, "I'd like that one!" St. Nick just laughed, and sent my precocious child on his way! I wish that I had a picture of this event to share, but unfortuately I forgot my camera that day.

During church, my RCIA group was recgonized and introduced to the congregation as Catechumens and Candidates. Our sponsors promised to guide us on our continued faith journey, and made the sign of the cross over various places on our bodies. I nearly had my eye gouged out by Owen "helping" Daddy to make the sign of the cross over my eyes.

I can always count on him to liven up any solemn occasion :)

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