Sunday, October 11, 2009

Daddy doesn't stop at stop signs

Owen has recently taken up the habit of backseat driving. I am pretty used to it, and I can tune him out pretty well. Matthew however, doesn't drive with him in the car nearly as often as I do, so he gets a little more irritated with it. Friday night, we were coming home from our trip to Greenwood and Owen started barking orders at Daddy from the backseat. He was shouting at Matthew that he needed to stop at the stop sign. Now, we were on the interstate when he started yelling about this, so I can only assume that he saw a stop sign as we drove by a side road. He does not yet understand that not *every* stop sign is *our* stop sign.
Matthew told Owen that he needed to stop yelling at him, and Owen stopped right away. I encouraged Owen to sing a song instead.
Owen composed a song right on the spot. It started out innocently enough as we drove by the airport...

"The airplanes are all asleep.
The cows are all asleep.
The pigs are all asleep.
Daddy doesn't stop at stop signs.
Mommy stops at stop signs a lot."

I was trying so hard not to laugh as Owen sang this little tune, but then he stopped singing and said, "Daddy, Is that a good song? Do you like that song?" We both just cracked up laughing at that point. How could we not?

That kid is such a little stinker!

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