Saturday, August 27, 2011

One blog a month?

So I noticed that my last blog was published on July 27. Today, it's August 27th.  I hope that I am not starting a trend. 

This month has just been crazy busy, and I am having to make some major adjustments to accomodate having a kid in sports. It's definitely more complicated to get everyone fed, dressed, soccered, home, bathed, read-to, and in bed by a decent hour.  The good news is that Owen is really enjoying soccer. 

 Also, we're back to school now, so that means that bedtime is earlier, mornings are earlier, and everyone's a lot more tired- especially this mama!

Owen is absolutely loving school this year.  He has made new friends, still loves his teachers, and is absolutely thriving this time around.  I can compare some of his work from the beginning of last year with this year's work- and WOW, it's amazing to see the difference.  His confidence is soaring because he feels like he's good at what he's doing.  It was definitely the right choice to give him another year to mature and grow before pushing him into Kindergarten.   

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