Thursday, April 28, 2011

Town Mouse/Country Mouse Part 2

The weekend after Chicago, we put away our city mindframes and headed out for a different kind of fun.  We finally had a beautiful day, and Matthew and I both woke up with one thing on our minds, Turkey Run.   We quickly got everything together and headed out the door with two sleepy boys. 
They perked up quickly when we arrived at the park.  It's hard not to get excited when you see the natural wonders that Turkey Run has to offer.  

In case you were wondering who was up for "Parents of the Year", I can inform you that we won't be on the list.  Who leaves home for a 3 mile hike without their child's shoes? 
We do. 
   Fortunately for us, he HAAATEESS shoes, and probably wouldn't have worn them if we'd have brought them.  That boy loved feeling the mud squish between his toes. And he had a cow if he saw any "wawa" and Matthew didn't set him down to walk through it. 

Owen scampered up those ladders like they were nothing.  Eli even climbed every one of them by himself- with a very watchful daddy ready to catch him.

Remember what I said about "Parents of the Year"?  Yeah.   Here's my kid sitting in a creek. In the first weekend of April.  Awesome.   This is nothing compared to what Owen looked like after he tried to jump into the "Punch Bowl" like his dad, slipped, and ended up soaked from the neck down.   It was 85 warm degrees on this day though- so I promise they weren't going to catch hypothemia or pneumonia or the plague or anything.

We had an AWESOME day, and Owen decided that he likes that kind of fun even more than cities and museums.  (That's our boy!)  Although, I'm not sure that even this beat that darn train!

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