Saturday, January 1, 2011

Owen's Special Day

Last Thursday, we decided to take Owen out on a special date with Mommy and Daddy. Eli got to go hang out with Aunt Sar while we took Owen to do a special "big boy" activity... Rock Climbing! I have bought a couple of groupons over the past couple of months to a couple of local indoor rock climbing gyms with the thought that it would be something that Owen would really enjoy. When we first arrived, it took him a while to get his feet under him. He was scared to be belayed because he thought that automatically meant that he had to go high. He gave it a couple of tries, and then we decided to just let him watch us climb for a while.

Look Ma! A wall that I'm allowed to climb!

As the day went on, his confidence grew and he became more and more excited and willing to climb. We discovered that he was much more comfortable climbing when he wasn't belayed because he felt more in control of how high he went. He is actually a very good climber! (imagine that!)

Here's our little monkey doing a flip on an inverted wall. He's a crazy one!

We had such a fun time climbing, even though we were completely worn out by the time that we finished! We decided that we need to do training to strengthen our arms before we go back. We also decided that we need to build a climbing wall in our basement- and that maybe we need to open our own climbing gym in Plainfield! ;) I can see the beginnings of another really fun hobby for us!

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